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VLT, what to use & why

2020-09-23T14:43:22+10:00October 7th, 2019|

What is VLT? VLT means visible light transmission and all window films have a VLT measurement. Put simply, it’s the amount of light that the film allows through. One of the main reasons some homeowners decide not to window tint their home windows is because they don't want their rooms to appear dark. But then, on the other hand, some homeowners do want their rooms darkened! And this is where the VLT measurement on window film or window tint comes into play. The VLT is displayed as a percentage. It is the percentage of light that the film allows to

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Window Tinting Benefits

2020-09-23T14:43:39+10:00October 4th, 2019|

Window Tinting Benefits Having a secure home that also provides privacy for your family is often high on the agenda when searching for a home. And that’s where window tinting can really shine because it can add privacy and security to any home! In many ways, a window tint can play a dual role by adjusting the external appearance and at the same time providing an additional security barrier. How window tint can add privacy and security to your home Privacy As homes are being built closer together, there is a growing need for window tinting to increase the privacy

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