About tint.melbourne

The home of window tinting melbourne

the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.

At tint.melbourne we understand that perfection is a never ending journey. Every day we aim to be better than the last. We strive to offer the best customer experience every time. We endeavour to be the best window tinters in Melbourne.

Every day, we strive for perfection.

tint.melbourne has evolved over the years to bring our clients a more affordable, streamlined home and commercial tinting service.

Our goal is to offer fast and in some cases immediate, window tinting quotes, short lead times, and as always exceptional quality products and a premium service – all at a cost effective price.

Scott Tepper


Quality. Expertise. Commitment.

Scott strives for perfection. He has had almost 2 decades running tint.melbourne and working in the window film industry. Scott likes to think his honesty and communication skills help set him and his team apart from the competition.

There’s no simple way to mention everything we offer to our clients, but here are a few things we take great pride in.

– We take pride in offering Llumar window films – the worlds largest and best window film manufacturer.

– We take pride in offering the best window film solution for your situation… NOT just a product with a better profit margin, or some left over stock left lying around. We only offer quality.

We service Greater Melbourne, the South-East and Mornington Peninsula.


We provide home and commercial window tinting services to Greater Melbourne, the South-East and Mornington Peninsula – as we’re still growing we don’t currently service the Western and Northern suburbs.