the simple solution to graffiti and vandalism

Graffiti can cost building owners, transport companies and tenants many thousands of dollars in annual clean up and repair costs.

Not to mention the loss of visual appeal in premises, vehicles and facilities that is of such important commercial value. The accepted strategy against such damage is to clean off the graffiti as soon as possible, which helps discourage the ‘artists’ from further attacks. Now there is a quick and easy way to do this.

Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film.
Cover Up is a crystal clear polyester film with adhesive on one side and a tough patented scratch-resistant coating on the other. It can be applied to all glazed surfaces inside or out and many other smooth non-porous surfaces to provide an effective barrier against damage. The film acts as a sacrificial layer between the vandal and your property.

A removable and replaceable barrier

Here’s how Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film works. This sacrificial film has a special mounting adhesive which allows it to be easily removed and replaced. This avoids the high cost of glass replacement or the clean up and repair of glazed and other non-porous surfaces. It also helps ‘manage’ unintentional damage and normal wear and tear. On glass, in many cases, it can even help cover up existing scratches, making them less visible. Some deeper scratches may be required to be polished out before application of Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film.

High clarity and low distortion

One of the reasons Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film works so well is that it is virtually invisible to the naked eye. It has such excellent transparent qualities vandals don’t know it’s there. And its scratch resistant coating simply adds to the deception. Apart from its optical clarity which provides for natural light transmission Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film also allows distortion-free viewing. Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film should be an important consideration in retail as well as many other applications

Anti Grafitti Film
How does it work?
This is a sacrificial film which means once applied it takes the damage, whether it’s a scratch, scrape or difficult to remove paint. The damaged film can then be easily removed and replaced saving the replacement cost of the glass.


Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film has many applications and is suitable for:

Here’s where it can be used:

damage prevention

Cover Up Anti-Graffiti Film is effective in minimizing or eliminating the damage caused by:

Cover Up blocks up to 99% UV rays, helping protect furniture, fittings and stock from fading.