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What is the difference between car window tint and home or office window tint?

2020-09-25T02:13:42+10:00January 20th, 2020|

Difference between window tint Car window tint and home or office window tint both have the same purpose; to keep the interior of your car, home or office more comfortable. The intense heat and glare caused by sunlight can make in the inside of a vehicle or room uncomfortably warm. Car Window Tint Car window tint is designed to shrink to fit the curves of automotive windows. There are also many restrictions and regulations for car window tint. Like how dark the tint is allowed to be as well as the use of reflective tints. These restrictions can vary from

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5 questions to ask before tinting your home or office

2020-09-25T02:04:45+10:00December 16th, 2019|

Q&A before tinting your home or office You’ve decided to get your home or office windows tinted. You may have questions about which tint is best, how long the tint will last and warranty option. So, we decided to answer a few questions you should ask before tinting your home or office. Which tint is right for me? The type of tint we use really depends on what you want your window tinting to achieve. Do you want to reduce the UV rays or the heat coming in through the window? Are you hoping to provide increased privacy and security

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