The Positives of Tinted Windows in Aged Care

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With concerns over a multitude of issues regarding the needs of residents and carers alike, aged care facilities are under renewed pressure to be creative and forward thinking in how they operate. Increasingly, this has meant questioning outdated and outclassed modes of thinking that expose people to undesirable outcomes. One such problem that has presented itself is the cumbersome shutter or blind which is now facing competition from products such as tinted windows. This comes into especially stark contrast when businesses such as are able to provide an excellent standard of service and product at an affordable cost.

So what are some of the unique advantages and benefits of window tinting as opposed to alternatives?

Privacy Protection

As we age, our privacy, and the preservation of said privacy, becomes increasingly paramount in our lives. With the widespread advent of aged care facilities this privacy has become increasingly difficult to observe as residents and carers alike are finding themselves with less and less space. Sure there are the typical solutions of blinds and/or shutters that will indeed aid in this pursuit; however they are not nearly as convenient as a tinted window.

Reducing Sun Exposure

Additionally, a tinted window excels at blocking harmful UV rays that are especially dangerous to the elderly. Being that the Australian sun is uncommonly harsh, this protection is vital in ensuring the safety of inhabitants.Not only is there the enhanced protection that a tinted window provides, but the light is naturally softened which makes a space more inviting to the eye, instead of this unrelentingly bright space that causes squinting and even eye damage.

Improved Heat Regulation and Energy Efficiency

It follows then that such windows are able to better regulate temperature in a space, keeping the heat out in summer, and trapping it in winter. This leads to another associated benefit of tinted windows, that being the reduction in energy consumption as well as improving overall energy efficiency which follows naturally from this ability to regulate heat. An abode that has tinted windows is desirable for its comfort as well as utility, with the monetary incentive of lower bill costs a key point of difference from other alternatives.

Enhanced Comfort

By virtue of its ability to regulate heat and UV ray protection, tinted windows are proven to be a helpful sleep aid by exposing residents to less external light as well as heat. In an environment such as an aged care facility this can prove invaluable, as residents can find it difficult to adjust to sleeping in relative close proximity compared to other stages of their lives. Furthermore, the softened natural light means that comfort during daytime hours is enhanced for residents. Ultimately, this serves to benefit the aged care provider as they endeavour to make the living situation of their residents as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Boosted Security and Safety

These quality of life and privacy benefits are further complimented by the merit they hold as a mechanism of providing security and safety. Tinted windows are less prone to shatter upon impact and are therefore better able to dissuade potential theft if the window has not shattered after a few attempts on the would be assailants part. Not only is it more resistant but a tinted window makes it more difficult to see inside a residence, as previously mentioned in relation to privacy. This can leave residents with the piece of mind that not only are they guaranteed privacy, but so too is their living space.

In conclusion, tinted windows, particularly as they relate to aged care, are an invaluable investment that has a multifaceted, beneficial impact on a living space. With increased privacy, energy efficiency, security, and sun protection, properties with tinted windows prove to be a notch above the rest of the competition in the space. To meet the ever-changing demands of the aged care industry, providers simply need to adapt and innovate. Tinted windows offer the chance to do so with the added benefit of being stylish, unintrusive, and culminating in spaces that feel like home.