Scratches On Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered glass has been heat-treated, this makes it much stronger. When properly tempered, a panel of glass should be resistant to  scratches when it is scraped with something sharp- such as a blade. Sometimes you will come across tempered glass that shows scratches.

What Could Cause Scratches In Tempered Glass?

Majority of scratches in tempered glass are caused by microscopic abrasive debris, known as fabricating debris. This is a manufacturing defect that has a consequence of  low-quality tempered glass as well as an increased chance of the surface being scratched during cleaning.

One of the most important steps in the production of tempered glass is the washing of the glass. This occurs after it has been firstly been cut to the desired size or shape and then buffed to remove the sharp edges. Sadly, some glass manufacturers do not do a thorough job of washing the glass before it goes into the tempering furnace.

If the washers used in the production process are not regularly cleaned and maintained, microscopic dust or debris can be transferred to the glass. The glass panels can still have these particles stuck to the surface and when the glass enters the tempering process it will fuse to the surface of the glass. Then, after installation, when the glass is cleaned, this debris can be detached and dragged across the surface, leaving visible scratches on the glass.

How Can Scratches On Tempered Glass Be Avoided?

You can remove adhesive, paint, and other sticky substances from glass windows with a good quality scraper with a razor blade. However, to ensure that your tempered glass windows continue to stay scratch-free, you need to be sure that you, or your window cleaner, do not use a blade when cleaning the glass. When a blade is scraped across the window, fabrication debris that is fused to the glass could be dislodged and leave scratches on the surface.