5 questions to ask before tinting your home or office

Questions About Windows Tinting

Q&A before tinting your home or office

You’ve decided to get your home or office windows tinted. You may have questions about which tint is best, how long the tint will last and warranty option. So, we decided to answer a few questions you should ask before tinting your home or office.

Which tint is right for me?

The type of tint we use really depends on what you want your window tinting to achieve. Do you want to reduce the UV rays or the heat coming in through the window? Are you hoping to provide increased privacy and security for your family or premises? All of these things need to be taken into account when selecting which window film best suits your needs. Prioritising the benefits of window tinting is a great place to start.

How long will my window tint last?

How long your window tint will last comes down to a few things. The most important being the quality of the tint film, because not all window film is equal. There are high-quality films and low-quality films. The lower quality films aim to do the same thing, but they won’t do them for as long. As well as the quality of the tint, the maintenance that your tint receives can also have an impact. Always be sure to clean your tinted windows with the correct cleaning products.

How long will it take to tint my windows?

The time it will take to tint your home or office will depend on how many windows are being tinted. The level of access or equipment required the frame type, the condition of the glass or to remove any existing window films should be taken into consideration also. When we quote your job we will let you know approximately how long it will take to tint your windows.

Is my window film covered by a warranty?

A 12 year guarantee backs our professional window tinting on all work we perform, and we assure professional workmanship done right the first time.
And, if you are a builder, we can issue a warranty directly to your client saving you time, should there ever be a problem.

What are the different window tint options available?

Here at tint.melbourne, we are leaders in our field and only use and recommend premium window film from brands such as Llumar. Both these businesses have been around for 50+ years and have extensive experience innovating and improving window film. Both manufacturers offer a superior and premium window film which will reduce heat and glare, stop furnishings from fading and provide security and privacy.

Armed with the answers to these questions about window tinting, you can now book your appointment with confidence.