Why be a member of WFAANZ?

Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand

Member of WFAANZ?

The Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) is the industry body representing window tinters. Joining the WFAANZ is not mandatory. However, it is recommended that anyone considering window film use a WFAANZ window film installer.

By choosing an installer who is a member of the WFAANZ, you can be guaranteed that the work will be of the highest quality using only the best film from global manufacturers.  

WERS For Film is a simple and accurate energy rating system that helps you select a film that best suits you and your home. If you hire a WERS For Film accredited installer to apply a rated film, you’re eligible for an energy certificate that can go towards your home’s energy rating.

The WFAANZ is not for profit and consists of manufacturers, suppliers and applicators of window film. WFAANZ IS dedicated to improving window film installation processes and provide and prepare information and guidelines for its members. Window film installers who become a member of the association agree to abide by a strict code of ethics which ensures installers meet all rules and regulations.

Why tint.melbourne joined the WFAANZ

tint.melbourne proudly displays the WFAANZ logo.

We decided to join the WFAANZ because this industry body is not concerned with making money but more concerned about safeguarding and strengthening the window tint industry.

The WFAANZ is keeping our industry reliable and reputable, and this is something we believe in and support. This peak industry body is giving us access to the latest news, products and information. You can rest assured that when you purchase window film from tint.melbourne, you’re receiving the highest quality product installed by one of the top installers in the industry.

Through the WFAANZ, we also get to have a say on the rules and regulations that govern the window film industry.

If you are a window film installer, we would highly recommend that you join the WFAANZ. If you are considering the installation of window tint always use a WFAANZ member.