VLT, what to use & why

visible light transmission

What is VLT?

VLT means visible light transmission and all window films have a VLT measurement. Put simply, it’s the amount of light that the film allows through.

One of the main reasons some homeowners decide not to window tint their home windows is because they don’t want their rooms to appear dark. But then, on the other hand, some homeowners do want their rooms darkened! And this is where the VLT measurement on window film or window tint comes into play.

The VLT is displayed as a percentage. It is the percentage of light that the film allows to pass through. So a 5% VLT film is very dark as it only lets through 5% of visible light and a 50% film is very light as it lets through 50%. 

So why is it a relevant term when considering window film or window tint? It’ll determine the overall darkness of the room! Let’s take a look at various rooms throughout a home and talk about which film is best.

Living areas

The main living area is one you probably want to keep a lot of natural light and don’t want to be darkened. When thinking about window film for your living area, keep in mind that the human eye can adjust pretty well to light changes within a room. However, there is a point where “darkness” is evoked in the brain. A point where your eyes will recognise that the room is dark.

With that in mind, a window film with a VLT of 25% or higher will not trigger your brain into thinking the room is dark – in most cases.

A film or tint with a VLT of around 25 – 50% is perfect for most living areas.

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Some homeowners would prefer to have darker bedrooms. Maybe it’s a child’s bedroom, and you’d like it darker for day time naps, or perhaps you’re a shift worker. Opt for a VLT percentage of 10-20%.  A VLT of this percentage will give the room a slightly darker effect and add day time privacy.

Home Theatre

Another area you want darker to give the ambience of a movie theatre. Have a look at a film with a VLT of 5%.  A 5% VLT will make your room noticeably darker and offer day time privacy. It is perfect for a home theatre.

Keep in mind that all the window films we’ve discussed in this article, when offering privacy imply day time privacy but not night time privacy. When you’re lights are on – or when it’s brighter inside the house than out – you will be able to see into the room from outside.

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