Not all window film is created equal

3M and Llumar window film

Window film for home or office

Window film is designed to better control the temperature and natural lighting within a home or office. It is also used to add to the aesthetic appeal, for privacy and to stop furnishings fading. These days, there are many different brands of film or tint on the market, and you will see a distinct difference in prices between brands and suppliers.

A business that provides a lower quote may often skimp on quality, rushing the job leaving possible air bubbles which will cause the film to deteriorate and look unsightly. A cheaper product might be used, which will not only look inferior, but it won’t do the job you want it to or last the distance.

Here at, we are leaders in our field and only use and recommend premium window film from brands such as Llumar. Both these businesses have been around for 50+ years and have extensive experience innovating and improving window film. Both manufacturer offer a superior and premium window film which, in your home, will reduce heat and glare, stop furnishings from fading and offer security and privacy.

Premium quality window film is not as expensive as you might think when you think about the life of the film. offers affordable solutions for your home or business.

Trying to save money on window film by selecting a cheaper alternative can come back to bite you later. You may end up spending extra money to have the entire job removed and done again.

Inferior film just doesn’t measure up. Premium window film will last a lifetime (guaranteed) whereas we’ve seen some cheaper alternatives only last six to twelve months before deteriorating. Also, inferior film may not block out both IR radiation and UV radiation. So you may still notice your furnishings fading or heat seeping through on a hot summers day. A premium film will have you saving money on energy bills! offers competitive prices utilising only the best high-quality films. We pride ourselves on only offering market-leading films from world leaders such as Llumar.

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