Glare reduction in your business

Glare Reduction in Office

Glare reduction

Glare into your office can range from being slightly annoying to a significant Occupational Health and Safety Hazard. Glare can result in issues such as eye strain and head, neck and shoulder aches. 

There are things you can do to reduce glare in your office. Here are four simple solutions to help reduce office glare in your business

Install Window Film on external windows

Applying window film to your external windows is a cost-effective and straightforward way to reduce glare. Plus there’s the added benefit of reducing energy bills by reducing heat loss in winter and protecting against solar heat in summer.

Different types of film have varying tints which provide different levels of glare reduction, and some provide glare reduction without affecting natural light from entering the window.

Consult with our professional and friendly team at Tint Melbourne for the best window film solution for your business, and we only use the highest quality film from Llumar.

Use shades and blinds

Window shades and blinds are another alternative. These can be used in conjunction with window film. You can have your company logo or other details on the blinds to promote your business at the same time.

Shades and blinds can be lowered and angled to control sunlight.  

Roller shutters provide added security to the building, but any blind will limit natural light.

Think about the design of the office

Redesigning your office space or simply changing the layout of desks can help reduce glare. Position monitors, so the employee faces the window. Think about setting up hot desks to allow employees to move around the office, sitting in a desk that will enable them to work most comfortably.

Also, consider paint choices and office furnishings. A light coloured paint may cause additional glare, and a shiny surface will reflect light more.

Encourage breaks

Encouraging your employees to take regular breaks away from screens and glare will not only help protect your employees from eyestrain and headaches but may also lead to an increase in productivity.

With a few simple and cost-effective changes, you can protect your employees ‘long term and provide a comfortable glare-free office environment.