Unexpected Benefits of a Commercial Tint

Benefits of a Commercial Tint

Benefits of a Commercial Tint

If you own or rent a commercial space, you are no doubt always looking for ways to keep the costs of running your business down. Energy efficiency improvements can lead to reduced energy usage and smaller utility bills. But did you know that energy management can also improve employee productivity and an increase in the value of your commercial space?

Reduced Costs and More Money to Invest

Investing in the right energy-efficiency products in your space can help reduce maintenance time which saves you money on labour long term. Energy-efficient lighting systems in factories can cut maintenance and service time because these lights last longer as they don’t have to be replaced as frequently. The savings from energy-efficiency projects can be invested in other areas of your business.

Improved Retention Rates

Small improvements such as giving employees, tenants, or occupants access to individual ventilation controls and natural lighting may not only save energy but improve satisfaction levels. The more satisfied an employee, tenant, or occupant is, the more likely they are to be productive and engaged in their work – which may lead to less turnover.

Increased Value

Commercial spaces with energy-efficiency provisions in place can be valued more highly by any potential buyers, both in dollar value and an interest in purchasing the space. Simple measures like lighting and commercial window tinting can have a big impact on selling time and time on the market.

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