How To Instantly Improve Your Energy Costs

Reduce energy costs for your home

Improve Your Energy Costs

In 2018, we are set to see our bills for energy costs soar, as energy companies announce a 10-20 percent price increase. Victorian households will most likely feel this pinch around February and March this year, as back to school expenses pile up and in the wake of Christmas festivities. Keep reading to find out how you can instantly improve your energy costs this year.

Shop Around

Energy companies rely on the fact that most households are too busy to search around for a more competitive price on their utilities. This has ensured their profits have always remained steady, as people often pay their bills and don’t question or research the prices they are paying for things. Make some time this year to shop around for a better, or more competitive price. Tools such as is an independent government resource, designed to help Victorians find a better deal.

Price Match

Once you have done the legwork, and are equipped with the information you need, speak to your energy company about matching a better deal from a competitor. Most companies value the business of their customers and will come to an agreement in order to keep you as a customer. It often does not hurt to politely ask to speak to someone higher up. Team members in company call centres generally have limited abilities and are trained to restrict your access from higher decision makers. Be friendly but persistent. If they cannot help you, take your business elsewhere.

Invest in a tint

Home window tinting is a relatively inexpensive way to save yourself money on energy costs each and every year. A home window tint reflects the suns heat, helping to help keep the heat outside all year round. This could potentially result in less of a need to turn up air conditioners or limit the need for them at all by keeping rooms in your home cooler.

If you have further questions about how window tinting can help you instantly save on your energy costs, get in contact with us here.